Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup,
originally uploaded by Damien DeVille.

Wow, I have gotten so busy that I’ve not sketched in almost a month. So much for the 365 aspect of this project. Work got a bit crazy and is still crazy. We are re-decorating the house and that has taken up a lot of time. It’s also resulted in a lot of chaos in my office which is where I normally draw in the evenings.

This morning, I found myself sitting here in the office, totally unable to concentrate, so I drew my favorite coffee mug. It helped. Back in the saddle as they say.

One thought on “Coffee Cup

  1. Like Lyle Lovett, “the sun comes up, in a coffee cup”.
    I like “Blue”, btw. Good for you for sketching again. Don’t be to hard on yourself.


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