West Annapolis

West Annapolis - Color

I woke up early today and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was just one of those things. I spent about an hour and a half by myself trying to get inspired to draw something, but there was nothing coming at 6:30 AM. After my wife and son got up I was soon busy with a number of small projects around the house. One of these projects spiraled out of control quickly and a 5 minute job ended up taking 3 hours including two trips to the hardware store. After that, I went with a friend to go pick up the new table and chairs that we bought this past week from a consignment shop. It was looking like I was not going to get any drawing in at all. I was a bit worried.

But then we went out in the car and my boy fell asleep. I had picked up my sketchbook on the way out the door for just such an opportune time. We had a number of errands to do, mostly at shopping centers which I didn’t think would be very interesting and I was thinking that this was going to be a failed attempt also. Then we stopped at this rather out of the way antique place in West Annapolis right next to US50. Of course it’s not conveniently accessed from 50, but that’s okay. My wife went in, and I started sketching this old house that sits on the hill next to it.

West Annapolis - No Color

I’m sure that this house was once a grand house at one time probably with views of the Severn River. I imagine what it might have been like before US50 became a three lane highway in both directions here and the state highway administration constructed a 30 foot high sound wall right in front of this house. As with many old houses that once sat on smaller roads now turned into highways, this one has suffered over the years. I tried to capture it honestly without making it look worse than it is, but it was difficult because it was pouring rain here today.

I thought It might be interesting to put both the original pen sketch up with the final watercolor washed one.

One thought on “West Annapolis

  1. I’m really glad you included the sketch. I think we learn from each other and I appreciate it when other artists share information about their process and materials. You are doing well with some pretty complex subjuects. Even when life gets in the way.


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