JR’s Antiques

JR's Antiques

JR’s Antiques,
originally uploaded by Damien DeVille.

In Queenstown, MD where US50 and US301 split (or come together depending on which way you’re going) there is a crazy antique store on the side of the road with a giant drum on the top. I have still never been inside, but it is one of my wife’s (and her father’s) favorite antique places in the area. Usually, I sit in the car with my son while they look around inside.

I sketched the view of the front doors of the place from the driver seat of the car while my son slept. I filled in the watercolor when I got home. And yes, it really is this hideous shade of burnt ochre.

2 thoughts on “JR’s Antiques

  1. I like that shade of brown. Makes me think of Van Halen and the brown sound. They probably listen to Van Halen in there. God bless them all. Runnin’ with the Devil is a classic, but I love Atomic Punk too. This would make a cool screen print.


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