Blind Contour #3

Blind Contour #3, originally uploaded by Damien DeVille.

I got a note from an old friend today and found out that she is on a similar mission as I am. It seems that she also fell into a long period when she did not produce works of art, just like me. It was so nice to hear from her and find out that even though we haven’t actually spoken in over 20 years, we are still connected.

While checking out her site, I stumbled upon this very cool blind contour drawing.

I’ve never been very good at letting go when I do art work. I have always wanted to capture every detail and make my art look realistic. Since it had been a very busy day, I thought this might be an interesting thing to try.

I did several tonight, I’m not sure I’m happy with any one of them, but I like this one the best. Unfortunately, my subject hated them all, so I won’t name any names.

One thought on “Blind Contour #3

  1. Damien, I love your blind contour. It is amazing to me how accurately blind contour captures the essence of a person’s movements. When I feel like warming up I do blind contour and I particularly like doing blind contours of people on the Sunday morning news programs. It forces you to be FAST. Linda


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