Grass #1

Grass #1, originally uploaded by Damien DeVille.

I thought that today would be a good day to break out of my recent shell of black-ink and watercolor, so I deliberately chose to use a green pen all day (not just for my artwork, but also for all my notes during the day).

Several years ago (while on a business trip to the San Francisco Bay area), I took a side trip to Big Basin State Park. While there, I took a picture of brown grass along the side of the road with the valley in the background. I love that picture and it hangs in my home office today. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Bay Area and I miss those trips.

3 thoughts on “Grass #1

  1. Time to come back to the Bay Area for more natural beauty and some catch-up time. Dig the 365 art project!


    1. Would love to come back to the Bay Area for a visit! When we do, we’ll be in touch. Same goes for you when you make it back East. Would dig on catching up.


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