Spontaneous Mini Vacation

Taking flight is something that I rarely advocate, however sometimes it makes good sense.  We have been burried by snow and beaten down by cold weather this winter in Maryland.  Mr. Grey has been stuck inside for weeks.  Two year old boys with lots of energy don’t deal well with being trapped inside. At first he liked the snow, but then it got too big for him.  Hell, it was too big for me too!

I have a business trip to Cary, NC this coming Monday and Tuesday.  Mrs. TKD’s family lives in Charlotte.  Friday morning around 7:30 AM, before I’d even gotten my first cup of coffee down the hatch, Mrs. TKD says, “Hey, I’ve been thinking, why don’t we go to Charlotte this weekend and I’ll take you to Cary on Monday.  Then you can catch a lift home with the rest of the boys from work on Tuesday.”  My gut reaction was not just no, but hell no.  It’s an eight hour drive to Charlotte and I hadn’t had any coffee yet.  But then I asked what the weather and found out that it was going to be in the sixties this weekend in Charlotte.  That pretty much sealed the deal.

I made the quick decision to call it a half day on Friday and we left around 3:00 PM after Mr. Grey woke up from his nap.  The drive was a little easier since we managed to miss the rush hour in DC by going down US 301 and when we got to Richmond we stopped for some dinner and subsequently missed the rush hour there as well.  The hard part was the most of the drive was in the dark.

We got to Charlotte at about 10:30 and Mrs. TKD’s brother and his dog, Murph, were waiting for us at her mom’s house.  Mr. Grey got pretty excited and we had to get him calmed down to go to bed.  We went to bed shortly after he did and got up the next morning to sunny skies and temperatures in the fourties quickly climbing into the sixties.  We didn’t need coats!

We had a great day with BBQ and a visit with some live pigs for Mr. Grey as well as lots of playing outside.  The boy refused to nap and so, he was flat out exhausted when he went to bed at eight.  We didn’t hear a peep from him after we put him down.

I am so glad that I embraced the spontaneity of Mrs. TKD’s proposal.  I feel like we’re on a mini vacation, and theres no snow on the ground here.  Time for another cup of coffee and planning out the activities for the day.

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