Time behind the lens

Camera and Coffee - Sharbot Lake Canada I have felt a strong urge to get behind the camera lately, but I have not been doing so.  I am seriously considering a 365 project.  I’ve had a few ideas about it for a while.  The first idea was to pick one shot and take it every day at the same time.  Somehow that sounds like it will get awful boring awfully quick.  The second idea was to pick a single time of the day and take time to capture a shot at that specific time regardless of where I am.  That could be interesting if I were more mobile, but most days I’m in exactly the same place at exactly the same time.  A third option is to simply commit to making one solid capture on a daily basis.  This is what I think I will endeavor to do.

I’m now trying to decide on when to begin.

3 thoughts on “Time behind the lens

  1. take a picture of the same thing everyday at 5pm, all year round. then make a stop motion piece out of it with video software.


  2. I like Matt’s idea. Paul Hadfield did a 365 project and created a massive collage on the wall of his studio. Have you started yet?


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