Lewes in June and July

It’s hard to imagine that in six months the weather will likely be 60-70F warmer than it has been over the past few weeks, but it surely will.  Mrs. TKD is hatching a plan to rent a house in Lewes, DE for a month with her dad.  They’ve found a place and we are waiting to hear back from the owner as to whether they will cut us a break on the weekly rate since we are looking at taking the place for a whole month.

I won’t be able to go for the whole month, but I plan to take two weeks at the beach and at least one weekend there too.  This is certainly something to look forward to, and I’m already getting excited.  I’m about ready to go out to the shed and start sorting through my surf fishing gear — but that would be a little premature…

3 thoughts on “Lewes in June and July

  1. Nothing like a stretch of cold weather to make you think about the warm times. I’m looking forward to the kids spring sports and helping coach baseball and lacrosse – two sports I never played and wish I had.


  2. Thoughts of sunny days on Lewes Beach sure do beat the winter blues! I love it there. My family and I have spent our summers there for years.


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