Projects for Next Week

Christmas is almost here, and of course its a bit of a surprise to me as usual. I’m taking the next week off and have a few things on the list to do (time and weather permitting).

  • Fix the carport up – assuming that the weather is a little better and the snow melts, I hope to finally address some of the rot in the carport.
  • Install a new back door – again, weather permitting.
  • Shoot some clay birds with the boys.
  • Install a new HD on the desktop and install ubuntu on it.  I was thinking about hackentoshing the HD, but I’ve been advised that it may be more hassle than it’s worth especially if I plan to keep it up to date.

3 thoughts on “Projects for Next Week

  1. You really have to make a hobby I’d finding drivers and researching how to make the updates work to make it worthwhile. 🙂


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