RFC 1855 – Learn it, Love it, Live it…or at least put a signature on your emails

If there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s when people fail to put a signature on their email.  This is especially annoying when the said person is in a sales capacity.  How much time have I wasted searching for an email from someone so that I can find their phone number, only to find that they didn’t include a signature?  And yet, these same schmucks are the first ones in a meeting to walk around the room diligently handing out their business cards…

If you don’t have a signature on your email, you probably do a lot of other irritating and stupid things like play facebook games.  Please read RFC1855.  Among other things it recommends the following:

Make things easy for the recipient. Many mailers strip header information which includes your return address. In order to ensure that people know who you are, be sure to include a line or two at the end of your message with contact information. You can create this file ahead of time and add it to the end of your messages. (Some mailers do this automatically.) In Internet parlance, this is known as a “.sig” or “signature” file. Your .sig file takes the place of your business card. (And you can have more than one to apply in different circumstances.)

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