Still Amazed by Technology

I should not be amazed by technology because I am part of the technology world.  But I am.

My first web browsing experience was with a text based browser called “lynx.”  I was in my early twenties when Netscape 1.1 was released.  I survived “the browser wars” my favorite browser of the time didn’t, but was re-incarnated.Cebit Technology Fair

I’ve seen a lot change in the past 12 years.  My first technology job was working in a call center, helping people with dial-up connections on Macs.  We were all excited when 33.6 kbps modems came out and even more so when the v.90 standard was still called 56K.  Dial-up essentially died before v.90 was ratified.  We could only imagine web based video being delivered to the home at those speeds.

I had one of the first generation palm pilots made by US Robotics.  It was highly useful, but had no way to sync-up with content unless it was in a cradle.  WAP became the rage, but it was very limited.  The first Palm VII released in 1999 had wireless service that was highly limited and the device retailed for $600 for a monochrome screen!   Now, I’ve got a device that delivers well formatted content (including video and streaming audio) to my hand.  It synchronizes over the air with my work and personal email and calendars. 

It is stunning. It is useful. It feels like technology nirvana.

It’s taken me a long time to get one (lots of politics associated with it at the office) but I’m truly addicted to the blackberry.

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