Three Facts, One Unsubstantiated Conclusion


Fact #1:  I spend an enormous amount of time in my left brain.
My daily grind is one of details, details, details, with a healthy dose of analysis, analysis, more analysis. That’s what your day is like when you are an IP Network type.  I spend my day looking at routing tables, MAC address tables, BGP communities, and packet captures in an effort to either provide more reliable designs or solve immediate problems.

Fact #2:  I spend a significant amount of time longing to reconnect with my former creative self.
I’ve written about that on this very blog.  I have recently identified that one of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time researching singlespeed and fixie bikes is that there are a lot of really creative redesigns and re-interpretations of the original bike out there.

Fact #3:  I experience migraines on a frequent basis.
They are generally located on the left side of my head.  On rare occasion, they are on the right side of my head, but I would wager that 99.9% are located on the left side of my head.

Unsubstantiated Conclusion:  There is a connection between the level of activity on the left side of my brain and the location of my migraines.
I have researched migraines since mine were first diagnosed and have yet to find a medical paper or even a post on the internet that draws a connection between the location of the headache and the activity level of that side of the brain.  However, I’m fairly certain that the fact that I spend so much time focusing energy in my thoughts on the left side of my brain has something to do with the fact that my migraines are almost always on the left side of my head.

2 thoughts on “Three Facts, One Unsubstantiated Conclusion

  1. A former network guy myself, it sounds like you need to unplug a bit. In a career change into more of a development role, I found that my creativity was flexed moreso than in my previous position (where retention of all that knowledge threatened to hurt). I’d suggest talking a walk mid-day. Miraculous, especially if you can get out of the building.


    1. The fact that I’m going to reply literally minutes after you sent this comment is probably a good indication that you’re right.

      My role has been largely operational over the past 2 years, which has been difficult. Prior to that I was doing a lot of design and builds. Recently, I’ve been given an opportunity to do a lot more design and strategy work. I’m hopeful that this will help.

      Still, I spend a great deal of time contemplating abandoning technology completely…I know I’d have a hard time doing that for sure. I’ve spent a few lunch hours taking a walk, or reading and you are right, it really does make a huge difference.

      Thanks for the reminder to un-plug once in a while. Good advice.


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