Update on 10 Things

What seems like ages ago was really only about a 16 months.  I wrote a post on titled the importance of giving back.  I had no idea at that time that it would be the single most popular post on this blog (as of now).  In retrospect, the title was a bit misleading, because I started the post with ten things that were going well in my life, and then tried to tie the post back to the title.  Often, I start a post with one idea in mind and then the mind wanders.  At any rate, I thought it might be good to give an update.  So here are ten things that are currently going well in my life:

  1. Everyone is healthy in the family.
  2. Mr. Grey is growing up quickly.  He isn’t even two years old, but it sure feels like it when I look at him and when he talks. (complete sentences!)
  3. Mrs. TKD has been home with Mr. Grey now for over a year and they are getting on well with that arrangement.  I know that it is trying at times for her, but it is working.
  4. While there has been a lot of turmoil at work, I’m still employed and actually enjoying some of the work that I’ve got on my plate.
  5. We are secure financially.
  6. I’ve had some free time to go biking and to garden over the past six months.
  7. I’ve lost some weight, and believe I’m on track to lose some more.
  8. Our families continue to be strong and supportive.
  9. We are lucky enough to live where we want to live.
  10. We have a close circle of friends who enrich our lives.

What more could I want?

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