Today is World Food Day

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I love food.  I spend a great deal of my free time cooking, often as a form of stress relief.  Even this morning, I was thinking about how I’m going to make some chicken corn soup this afternoon to go with this dreary, cold, grey, and wet day we’re having here in Maryland.  I’ve had a long week and neglected some important things while attending to my work.  So, today, I’m taking it a bit more slowly and I’ve spent a few minutes looking at some of my favorite websites and catching up on some social networks.

I came across this from on twitter:

The ONE Blog Food Security in Focus series brings issues of
security & agriculture into sharp detail. Keep an eye
about 1 hour ago from web

I usually spend some time each week keeping abreast of topics related to organic agriculture, food safety, and food security, as part of my general interest and concern for the overall health of the globe.  Since I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t realized that today, October 16th, is World Food Day.  World Food Day was first celebrated in 1981 to recognize the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on Oct. 16th 1945 and to increase awareness and inspire action to solve global hunger.

In this day and age there really is no reason for people anywhere in the world to go hungry.  The US grain belt produces enough grain to feed the world, but due to politics this food never reaches people who need it.  Some of it goes to feed animals unhealthy diets which result in unhealthy meat at the dinner table. Some of it goes to produce “alternative” and “clean” fuel intended to replace oil – this fuel is neither alternative or clean because it requires signficantly more gallons of oil to produce a single gallon of ethanol.  Some of it, and this is probably the most egregious point, simply sits and rots.

Today, I’m going to be mindful of my good fortune – I was born in the US and have never had to worry about a meal in my life.  But I’m also going to start on an annual tradition that Mrs. TKD and I have been doing for a few years – planning for and purchasing the fixings for a thanksgiving meal for a local family in need.

It’s a start.

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