It’s Autumn! For God’s Sake!

Okay, it’s a bit early in the morning for a rant, but here it comes.  It’s really cold this morning compared to Friday – a 40F swing in temperatures.  My good friend made a comment on this swing on Facebook and one of his “friends” comment was this:

it’s the global warming. we’re all going to die! have some hot cocoa for me…

Oh, that gets my dander up!  First and foremost, if you’ve paid any attention to the science, you’d know that regardless of what you call it there have been significant changes to the Earth’s climate in the last 50 years.  Secondly, you’d know that these changes coincide with a rise in the median temperature of the earth worldwide.  I cannot over emphasize that its an average and worldwide. Thirdly, if you’d know that scientists now understand that these changes in climate are having different adverse affects in different parts of the world.

Yes, the facts surrounding the global climate emergency are sometimes incongruous.  But they are facts, and the scientific evidence proves that this is real.  Every living thing on earth has a stake in this.  The only thing about this comment that rings true is that we will all die.  The question is whether or not we have the courage to take a stand and try to ensure that it’s not a mass suicide due to inaction.

But the thing that really got me going this morning is this:  IT’S AUTUMN, IN MARYLAND.

The weather in the Mid-Atlantic US has always suffered from radical changes in short periods of time.  The two temperate seasons (Autumn and Spring) are usually characterized by these swings in temperature.  There’s no need for an asinine comment like the one listed above.

Now, I’m going to go out and ENJOY this lovely 45F morning.

2 thoughts on “It’s Autumn! For God’s Sake!

  1. The notion of global warming — both itself and our contribution (if any) to it — and its affect on our climate is too big for me to understand. Scientifically proven or not, it’s such a complex notion that I can’t wrap my head around it. Or that others could know so much about such a huge system with so many variables and have proven anything.


    1. I completely appreciate that the enormity of the topic can be stunning, chilling, and confusing. The magnitude of the topic tends to make us feel small and insignificant. There is a great deal of information (including mis-information and dis-information) take in and try to understand. It is difficult to determine what to do when we don’t understand something.

      All too often, climate change doubters get mired in this enormity and complexity, deciding that the best thing to do is to ignore the problem or better yet, deny that it exists. It is easy to deny that something is a problem when one does not fully understand it.

      But consider this:

      These same folks are highly unlikely to understand the engineering that goes into their car. They probably don’t know how the internet works. And yet, they can easily identify that there’s a problem when their car won’t start or they can’t get to their favorite website. They don’t deny that the problem exists!


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