Workin’ with a friend

There’s always been something good about putting in an honest day’s physical labor that I’ve loved.  I can’t say whether it’s the feeling of complete exhaustion at the end of the day, the full night sleep that follows, or just the smell of sweat and dirt running off my head in the shower that makes it so great.  But I can say this, one thing that makes it better is when you are working with an old friend on a project.

I spent the day with my good friend Schwingman today.  We built a deck on his new addition.  It wasn’t especially huge, but it wasn’t a small undertaking either.  It took us the better part of 5 hours, with a break for lunch and two extra trips to 84 Lumber.  As I drove home, I had a great feeling of satisfaction, knowing I’d spent the day with a great friend from college and that we’d accomplished a lot.  Schwingman and his family were happy for sure, and knowing that I’d helped made me feel really good.

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