Some bands stick with you, some don’t

Mrs. TKD and I went to see the U2 concert at FedEx field on Tuesday.  I’ve been meaning to wirte something about this all week, but its been a crazy week.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I heard a song by U2.   It was 1985 and  MTV had a show called 120 Minutes that ran Saturday night at midnight.  I could never stay awake, but thanks to a modern marvel called a VCR, I was able to tape it (yes literally tape it on analogue tape) and watch it the next morning.  Of course, I didn’t admit to my friends that I taped it, that wouldn’t have been cool.  As my borther and I watched the show, in our pajamas eating cereal, the video for “Pride” came on the TV.  I remember being awestruck.  I had to buy The Unforgettable Fire as soon as possible, which I did with in a week or two – relying on my parents to transport me a good 14 miles away from our small town to an actual record store in an actual Mall.  I remember the feel of the white cassette in my hands, and how anxious I was to get home to put it in a player so I could actually listen to it.  Our car did not have a cassette player.  When I did get to listen to the album, I was hooked immediately.   “Pride” rapidly faded from its status my favorite track on the album with “Bad” taking its place.

When The Joshua Tree was released, I bought it on cassette the day it was released.  The cassette was clear this time, which had become the trend in the 3 years between the release of Unforgettable Fire and that time.  The clear cassettes had a peculiar smell to them which I liked.  At first I absolutely hated the album, but with a few listens I started to find some redeeming qualities.  Within a few months, it was my a favorite album.  And remains my favorite to this day – I’ve owned no less than 5 copies of the album on various media over the years.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed most of the subsequent albums a great deal.  There are too many to recount all of them, but the point is that U2 consistently produces excellent and beautiful music.  They are a band that I literally grew up with and their music remains as relevant today as it was 20-30 years ago – yes The Joshua Tree was released over 20 years ago and Boy was released  over 30 years ago.

We had a good time at the concert, however FedEx Field’s acoustics really left a lot to be desired.  We saw U2 in 2007 at the MCI center and the show was much better from an acoustics perspective.  To tie this little note together, I’ve got to reference the opening act Muse.  Now, I’ve heard some Muse songs on the local radio station, and they are okay, but live Muse really was not impressive.  I know I won’t be buying their album and I’m sure they won’t be around in 20 or 30 years.

And so, some bands stick with you, some don’t.  And sometimes, you see both kinds at one show.

3 thoughts on “Some bands stick with you, some don’t

    1. I’m digging the new U2 album as well. My initial impression was that it was a bit moody, but I’ve gotten over that. They really are an amazing band.

      I’ve not heard the new Alice in Chains. Perhaps I should give it a listen…


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