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A few months ago, I wrote that I was beginning the process of converting an old Bridgestone MB-6 to a single speed bike. I’d put a set of slicks on it and pulled off the shifters and derailleurs and cut the chain down to a length that fit on a comfortable sprocket on the rear wheel. Pretty much that’s where the project remains except that I added a new saddle, new grips, and removed the bar ends.

I’ve been debating the handle bar configuration for months and removing the bar ends was something that I’ve been thinking about long and hard. I hate the current stem and bar configuration. It’s totally stock and looks kind of amateur (yeah, I know that’s a silly reason to hate it).

I’ve been thinking about a pair of aero bars with brakes on the ends (this is a single speed not a fixie). I’ve also been thinking about a nice set of riser bars. I just can’t make up my mind and don’t want to plunk down a bunch of cash for the wrong configuration. (Either configuration is going to require a stem change so its not just the bars and brake levers that I’ve got in play.)

At any rate, I took the ride for a spin tonight without the bar ends and I’m not sure about a bike with only one hand position.

I guess these are good problems to have.

12 thoughts on “One Speed | All You Need

    1. Yeah, I’ve considered that, however this bike doesn’t look too much like a modern mountain bike. Remember it’s circa 1992 – frame geometry on MTB bikes was not radically different from roadies at that point.

      I’m really leaning towards a pair of riser bars with some ends, but I’m still tooling around with the aero idea…


  1. But remember, aerobars are not designed for road bike geometry either. They are designed for TT/Tri frames. On these frames the seat tube angle is more severe, the rider is much farther forward, and typically the seat is much higher. Without all those things, the aerobars will be really uncomfortable and very unstable. But if you make all those adjustments you’re not riding the frame the way it was designed. I think your riser idea is probably better.


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