As of today:

  • This is the most viewed post on my blog.
  • This is the second most viewed post on my blog.

I find it incredibly interesting that on an almost daily basis one of these two posts has been found by someone randomly with a search engine. There must be more relevant results out there to search terms such as “Sleep Study” or “Poor Sleep” or “The Importance of Giving Back”…And yet, some search engine has my blog high enough on its list for these terms that people happen to stumble upon

Another interesting thing is that almost no one has commented on either of these posts. Now, both of them are about my life and my interpretation of reality, but it’s interesting to me that of the two most popular destinations on, only one has comments (and those are between myself and my brother).

At any rate, was brought to you today by the number 3 (it’s a Magic number).

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