Parkway Deli – The Real Deal

I’ve been searching for a place to get a decent sandwich in Silver Spring since I started working here. I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found it. Parkway Deli is the real deal. I grew up going to Attman’s Deli in Baltimore and have very fond memories of Attman’s. My Grandfather was good friends with Seymour Attman and the Attman crew recognized my dad every time we went in. When I was young, I ate the hot dogs – an all beef dog wrapped in bologna! When I got older, I literally fell in love with the “Jumbo Corn’ Beef on Rye with Mustard.”

I’ve looked all around and have found very few places where you can get a really good corned beef sandwich on par with Attman’s. Parkway is no Attmans, but they are a close second. I’ll definitely be going back.

2 thoughts on “Parkway Deli – The Real Deal

  1. You know, if you’d been working in the same building, I would have introduced you to Parkway when we were going there for lunch weekly about three years ago…


    1. I’m working Parkway into the weekly rotation. Next time you’re up this way we’ll have to go. No, “I’ve got too much to do with the Opsware upgrade…” excuses next time either.


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