Back from the Beach

DSCN1141.JPGWell, I guess summer is officially over. We’re back from the beach. As with most times that I’ve come back from the beach, I feel a bit let down. There’s just something about coming back to the reality of being a working stiff that is hard to face.

We had a pretty good time at the beach, despite never actually seeing the Atlantic Ocean. This is actually on the Delaware Bay, which is calmer and a little more approachable if you are 20 months old. Mr. Grey had a good time splashing around in the little waves. I supervised and kept him from running into any of the jellyfish that were in coming in with the tides.

I did get to play golf on Saturday which was fun even though my score was well over the 120 mark (yes I stopped keeping track.) We had a lot of good food and good times with our friends. And I managed to get to the coffee shop in Lewes. Brought home some Sumatra from there.

French press coffee is what’s keeping me going this afternoon.

Tomorrow will be a very long day as I have to go to dreaded Northern Virginia for a meeting with a vendor from 3-6 and then drive home some 90 miles.

3 thoughts on “Back from the Beach

  1. Your blogs are still showing up on facebook, even though you are “taking a break.” But only the first couple of sentences and then there is no link to the source.


  2. I figured out the (most recent) annoyance with FB’s api for RSS feeds…If I disable comments on the “notes” in FB, then you don’t get the link for “View Original.” However, if you click on the notes tab on my FB page, you do get that link on each note.


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