Sure Feels Like Fall

I know its too early for me to be writing about Fall, but it sure feels like fall here in Maryland. We have had a very mild summer this year and I’ve written about it a few times. After the rain and tropical system that moved through last weekend, its been well, a whole lot like Autumn.


We’ve had a few nights down in the 50’s and yesterday every time I left a building I was surprised how cool it was. I kept expecting to get hit with a wall of humidity, but it’s just gone. I’m glad for that.

Autumn is probably my most favorite time of year, with a few caveats. I love the sense of relief that comes with cooler temperatures. I love the colors of the season. I especially love the foods that are associated with fall, like roast pork with parsnips, for example.

What I don’t like about Autumn is that the days get shorter. I actually started noticing the days getting shorter a few weeks ago when it was no longer light after 8:15 at night and I was suddenly getting up in the dark again to go to work.

I actually like the way the light looks this time of year — it’s softer, warmer, better for photography — but something kicks in in me when the light fades and I get irritable. Many people believe that this has to do with higher levels of melatonin which is hormone that helps to regulate the circadian rythms in humans. The theory goes that the body produces melatonin in response to light and as the light fades, the body produces more of it.

At any rate, because I get irritable in the fall it seems incongruous that Fall would be my favorite season.

And yet, it is.

2 thoughts on “Sure Feels Like Fall

  1. Hey Bud – I’m enjoying the fall feeling today. Making chili today and sampling a little octoberfest beer as the kids ignore that they have the first day of school tomorrow by non-stop playing with friends in the neighborhood. Be well my friend.


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