Dreary Day

It’s a dreary day here in Severna Park. There is a tropical storm out in the Atlantic that is kicking up a fuss for the eastern seaboard of the US. Its cloudy, muggy, but not too warm.

Mrs. TKD is under the weather and I’m taking care of Mr. Grey today.

DSC_0733.JPGThis week has been a long and hard one. My work week started on Sunday with a 12 hour day. The rest of the week, I’ve been the on-call engineer. That means that I get the after hours calls for the network as well as I have to take care of any trouble during the day. Its been a tough week from that perspective.

I had to go to court as a witness against the drunk driver who sideswiped my car earlier this summer. I was pretty irritated when he showed up and requested a postponement so he could get a lawyer. I mean, really, he was arrested in May, read his rights and taken away that night. Then the subpoena was dated 7/1, so really in 3 months it didn’t occur to him to get a lawyer?

He’s playing the system. I guess the thing that bugs me about that was that he knew it, the judge knew it, the whole courtroom knew it…and it is a-okay.

At any rate, I stumbled upon this photo from Currituck, NC in my flickr photostream and it just seemed like the right photo to go up on steady.org today.

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