Milk Run

Last night, when I put Mr. Grey to bed, we ran out of milk. We had enough for his night time drink, but that was it. Neither of us went out to get milk after he went to bed. Fast forward to the Morning.

60 Varieties I woke up before anyone else, as usual, and knew that I needed to get up and get out the door to get some milk before Mr. Grey got up. I rolled over and told Mrs. TKD that I was going out and she said, “Donut Shack.” So I went to the Donut Shack to get milk and donuts.

There is no better place on earth than the Donut Shack to get a donut. Bar none. And they carry milk as well, so it was the ideal place to go and get the morning grub.

When I got home, everyone was still asleep and I made coffee to go with our donuts.


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