Maintenance Mode

Every time we go to Lewes, DE (which we did over the weekend) I start to think about how I’d like to be living a different life. One that might be a little lot more relaxed with less stress. Well, at least different stresses.

Crab Bouys - Stonington, MEI’m trying to understand where these feelings come from and can’t quite put my finger on it exactly.

Maybe these feelings are deeply rooted in the fact that I kind of fell into my career and have been running with it ever since I got into it; never really examining what I really wanted to do.

When I got in to this Internet thing (I still think of my career as an “Internet” career even though I’ve not worked at an ISP for almost 10 years) it was new, fresh and exciting. We were making things happen back then. I was part of the team that helped build one of the worlds first web farms. I worked with customers that everyone knew as household names as they started to bring their web presence from billboards to stores.

To be honest, the excitement is gone, and now it’s just in maintenance mode.

Maybe these feelings are rooted in the fact that I’ve come to understand the world differently and have a completely different perspective on what is important, but still feel tied to my current career because it pays the bills. If there was nothing to stop me from completely reversing directions, I would probably be doing something else. Something having to do with my real passion in life, food.

Then again, maybe these feelings are just part of a big case of wanderlust. Maybe I need to take a trip.

Maine, Oregon, Spain, Portugal.

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