Love a Good Hardware Store

Mrs. TKD asked me to snake the drain in the bathroom last night. As I was taking apart the trap, I broke the slip joint nut. Actually, it just plain disintegrated when I took a wrench to it. She was headed out to a meeting and I had Mr. Grey in bed already, so I couldn’t go out to get a replacement. I snaked the drain as requested but could not put the sink back together again.

Fortunately, I was able to slip out at lunch and grab the requisite part at the local hardware store, Clements. I’d been worried that I’d have to buy a whole new trap which would have meant either keeping a bunch of parts I’ll likely never need lying around the house or throwing away perfectly good, but used parts from the existing sink. If I’d have gone to one of the big stores, I’m sure thats exactly what would have happened. slipjointnut.jpg

Now, if you clicked on that link above, you’ve noticed that Clements isn’t exactly up to speed in terms of a website. In fact the whole business is kind of, well 50 years in the past. You can actually go in and buy one screw if you’d like – and simply write on the bag the cost listed on the bin. And they’ve got hundreds of screws.

They also had this here little slip joint nut, for a measly $1.79. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Love a Good Hardware Store

  1. Amusingly enough, I built that web site back in 1998. The notion of e-commerce was completely new back in those days. A bit dated, yes. Would I do things differently now, absolutely. But there is something to be said for technologies that continue to work without maintenance for that long a period.

    And it’s still my favorite brick and mortar hardware store, hands down.


    1. Ah, yes. The world before e-commerce. I sort of miss those days – when half the web was “under construction” and the default background of Netscape was slate grey. Good times.

      It’s pretty cool that you designed the site over 10 years ago and they are still using it…I truly love that store, it reminds me of the hardware store where I grew up, except it’s cleaner and I can’t put bike parts on my parents’ house account there.


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