Taking a little more time

I’ve developed a tendancy to rush out the door in the morning. This is usually because I’m running later than I want to be since I didn’t get up on time (5:30 AM so I don’t feel so bad about constantly hitting the snooze button). This usually means not having breakfast and not making my morning cup of joe at the house.

That ultimately leads to eating something less than healthy at the cafe downstairs, and at least one if not two Americano’s over the course of the morning. And does that add up quickly – 2 Americanos and one bagle sandwich and I’ve nearly spent $8 and I’ve not even gotten to lunch.

So, this morning, I made my cofee at home in my Melita coffee pot…once referred to by a friend as my “redneck still of a coffee pot.” I love my Melita. It’s simple, elegant and easy. Plus it makes me take some time to make a pot of joe. This morning, I even took time to snap this shot, quickly desaturate it on the computer, and upload it before leaving the house.

Sounds like a lot of time, doesn’t it?

Well, the whole process of making the coffee and getting the shot up on the web, took an entire 15 minutes. About as much time as stopping at a coffee shop would have taken, and less time than its taken me to write this here blog post.

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