Mom Turned 60

Mom turned 60 this weekend. We threw her a surprise party. Mrs. TKD along with my sister in law were the master planners of the party, gathering all the guests up for me. We got both my uncles to come as well as my cousins, a bunch of friends and my aunt.

Mom was completely surprised. She was speechless when she saw her brother Arthur who came all the way from Berlin, Germany to be here to see her. It totally rocked.

Here is a picture of him reading to Mr. Grey the morning after our surprise party. Mr. Grey got was a little timid at first, but as you can see he warmed up to his Gruncle.

It was really great to see everyone, especially my aunt and two uncles. We have a family that has gradually shrunk over the past 25 years, and it is always great to get everyone together. There were a few people who did not make it and they were sorely missed. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to get everyone together. That would be grand.

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