Another Century Down

I took the day off today for a number of reasons. I’ve got a lot on the agenda today including taking care of a number of things around the house. With a full schedule for the day, I wasn’t sure I’d get a ride in. I’ve not been on the bike since last Saturday when Frank and I went out on a good 25 mile ride on the NCR.

I spent the morning with Mr. Grey while Mrs. TKD got some much needed extra sleep. Mr. Grey and I had a great time hanging out. He had his milk and I had my coffee. We watched Sesame Street. I have a secret love of Sesame Street. I always have. It is a fantastic show and I’m glad I’ve got a little dude to give me an excuse to watch it.

When Mrs. TKD got up, I had a bowl of cereal and hit the B&A trail on my bike. I get on in Severna Park and that puts me a little less than a third of the way up the trail from Annapolis. I usually debate about which way to go, north or south. I made the game time decision to head north as I got on the trail.

I’d been planning a short ride, maybe 10-12 miles…but somehow when I started heading north, I knew I’d end up in Glen Burnie, and I did, which meant I was looking at a good 20 mile ride. I guess that’s what days off are for!

When I got my bike computer I was primarily interested in understanding how long I was out on the ride and how far I was going on a ride. One thing I hadn’t considered was understanding my average speed. I’ve known that I was getting stronger with every ride, but it really hit me today when I noticed that I averaged 14.9 mph. On my first ride with the computer, I’d averaged 13.6 and it was the exact same route I took today.

When I got back to the house, I also noticed that I’d cracked 100 miles on the bike since getting the computer. I was pretty happy about that.

I parked the bike in the shade and enjoyed a cool drink of water. Now it’s off to the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Another Century Down

    1. You know, it’s funny. That year they had two color schemes, black frame with yellow forks and orange with black forks. I spent like 3 weeks looking for the black frame and finally gave up. Originally, I was not to excited about this color scheme, but now I really dig it.


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