A case of the wants

nikonP6000.jpg I’ve got a serious case of the “wants.” I want a new grill. I want a smoker. I want a new bike. I want a new iPod. I want a new laptop. I want this here new camera.

I wish I didn’t have so many wants. Why can’t I just be happy with the stuff that I already have? I mean I have a a lot of great things and I really don’t need any new stuff, but still, here I sit with this wanting.

It’s not that I’m a completely unconsious consumer. I’m well aware of my consumerism. I try to keep it in check, but it’s hard. And I really can’t affors all the new things I want anyway. This short list here is probalby well into the 2K range.

8 thoughts on “A case of the wants

  1. That’s why I think life was so much simpler/happier when I was broke. I’ve concluded that it’s because I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with choices. “Nothing” was my only option and I could live with that.

    Given that, I just bought a Casio CDP-100 digital piano and I have no idea how I considered my life complete without it.


  2. I’m jonesin’ for a bike too, but I find that with all these higher priced purchases there’s always a bit of let down or buyer’s remorse. Bikes are tough, because it takes so much effort to get the right fit, at least for me. Maybe try the used route for the bike to make it less of a monster purchase.

    It’s this society that makes us want more and more and more.

    I wanted a new iPod for a long time too. Now I plug my laptop into the speakers and go to Pandora.com. Sound isn’t great, but it saves cash and I can hear a better variety that way.

    I just entered a giveaway at whole foods for a Specialized Globe bike. Maybe they have that at the WF down near you?


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