Amazing Response from the City of Baltimore

I was flat out shocked tonight to find a repsonse to my open letter to Mayor Dixon in my inbox. I immediately repsonded asking permission to share the response with the public. With in minute of my request I got a response that it was okay to share it with the public, from a blackberry. I’m going to bed stoked tonight.

Here is the original response from the representative of the city:

Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 5:35 PM
From: Keller, Jessica
To: Damien
Cc: Mayor Sheila Dixon, “Foxx, Al” , “Evans, Nate”

Mr. D <I’ve removed my surname>-

The Mayor and the Department of Transportation thank you very much for
your email. The Department of Transportation was certainly surprised to
learn of the ghost bike removal. We have no intention of removing the
memorial at this time. We feel that it is a fitting memorial and a
crucial reminder that all users need to be alert and ride/drive/walk
defensively when navigating the streets of our city. We will continue
to make the streets safer for all and work aggressively to implement the
Bicycle Master Plan. If you have additional concerns, please feel free
to contact Nate Evans, our Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner, or myself.

Thank you,

Jessica A. Keller
Chief, Planning
Department of Transportation

Here is my request for permission to post the response:

From: Damien
To: Keller, Jessica
Cc: Mayor Sheila Dixon; Foxx, Al; Evans, Nate
Sent: Tue Aug 11 22:06:22 2009
Subject: Re: Baltimore’s First Ghost Bike

Ms. Keller-

Thank you so much for your kind reply. I am truly stunned to have
received an actual reply from a representative from the city. I
posted my original letter to Mayor Dixon on my blog as an open letter.

I would like to ask permission to share this response with the public
as part of my blog as well as the North Baltimore Bicycle Birgade Blog
( I believe the rest of the cycling
community would really benefit from seeing this response. I would
remove all of the personal contact information listed below from any
post that I added to either blog. I will also understand if the city
would rather I did not post this response to either blog.

Thanks again for your very encouraging response.

– Damien

Here is the response granting permisson from the blackberry:

Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:11 PM
From: Keller, Jessica
To: Damien
Cc: Mayor Sheila Dixon, “Foxx, Al” , “Evans, Nate”

Wow, you have made my evening! I don’t’ mind that you share-i am a representative of the City after all.  You are very welcome. While I typically leave this type of response to Nate Evans, I found it very  important to respond personally- especially since Nate is on vacation. The Mayor and DOT (and myself personally, as a car-free individual) will continue to strive to make our streets better and SAFER for all users.  Thanks again for YOUR kind words. Jessica.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Response from the City of Baltimore

    1. It’s pretty cool that multiple people got responses to their letters to the Mayor. I have never received a reply to a letter I’ve sent to a government official before in my life…maybe that’s a sign that I need to write them more often…


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