Great Ride, Great Day, Good Sleep

Friday I had a great ride, but my feelings about it went down the tubes when I got on-line afterward. Not the case with my ride yesterday.

I’d made plans with Frank to go up to his house and get out on the bikes on the NCR trail. This would require getting me and my bike from our house to Franks place and that called for a bike rack. Now, I’ve got a few. I’ve got an Thule roof system that goes back to when I had my Jeeps. Its a great system, but I’ve lost the keys and the mounting hardware is far from universal, so I’d need to plunk down about a buck fifty for new mounting feet for my Outback. I just haven’t been able to bring my self to do that yet. I could order new keys from Thule, but I’ve not done that either.

Last year, I bought what I thought would be a “universal” trunk mount rack. It fit both cars tat the time (Forester and a Jetta). I bought a new car in January and have been doing all my rides locally. So, I was really surprised to find that my “universal” trunk rack doesn’t fit my new car.

At any rate, after discovering that my bike rack wouldn’t work, I crammed the bike in the car by folding down the seat. I didn’t even have to take Mr. Grey’s car seat out, which was a bonus. Then I headed up the road to Frank’s.

He was making burgers for lunch. That would be the meat allowance for the day. They were damn good. After noshin on the burgers we headed out to the Ashland Road parking lot (with his car and bike rack) and got on the trail. We road up to Monkton and had a short break. Then we continued on to about a mile or so past White Hall. My computer clocked that at 12.5 miles. Franks clocked it a little shorter. There we decided we’d better turn it around and head home.

It felt like I was really keeping a good pace on the ride home, somewhere around 15 to 16 mph, but when we got to the cars, my computer reported that I’d averaged 13.7 on the ride. I guess thats not bad, but it sure seemed like I was riding hard the whole way home.

The NCR trail is one of my favorite places to ride for a number of reasons. It is relatively flat so its good for all levels. It’s incredibly scenic, basically following the Gunpowder river. It winds through northern Baltimore county and we pass through some of the places where we went as kids with our grand parents. One of these places is the first place where I caught a fish! But one of the things I like the most about it is that it is well shaded. Even though it was in the mid eighties yesterday the ride was very comfortable.

On the way back from the trail, Mrs. TKD called and I got to hear Mr. Grey’s little voice for the first time in 5 days. That made me really happy. He pretty much was babbling but after a few seconds he realized who he was talking to and he yelled into the phone, “DAAHHDEEE”.

Ah, that’s what we live for, hearing the love in our children’s voices.

After we got home and showered, I got in touch with an old friend from grade school with whom I’d reconnected last October. And this is the real gem of the day, folks, he brought over his four month old daughter!

It was awesome! My buddy looked really happy and his daughter, well she’s just at that point where they start to smile.

I watched my nieces get really excited about the baby for a while and then I got to hold her. She is totally sweet. Cute as a button, bald like me, with chunky baby thighs. It was great to see both of them.

After he left, I rolled home listening to some Uncle Tupelo and feeling like a million bucks. I rolled in to the house and literally hit the sack immediately. Slept pretty much through the night and got up at eight today.

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