Crabs again!

This is becoming a habit!

Mrs. TKD and Mr. Grey are out of town.  As it happened one of my best friends for college was almost a bachelor last night as well – his wife and daughter were out of town, but he had his 17 month old son.  So we did what two worn out old Delta Phi’s would do and we had our selves a little party.

I met up with G at 4:30 with a dozen live crabs in the car.  We tucked them in the fridge and put his boy in the car seat and headed for a happy hour at the Rams Head in Annapolis.  Yes, we are portraits of responsibility…Actually we were good, we each had two beers and a plate of nachos while the little man Mr. S had his blue berries and some of his sliders.  Then we headed home to G’s house.

G got the little dude down for the night and then we started steamin’ some crabs.  It was awesome.  Two good friends with a dozen crabs and some good beer, hanging out on a crazy cool August night – yes there was a time when we actually considered whether or not we needed long sleeves…

The crabs were fantastic too.  The wasn’t a spider in the bunch!

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