Bike Computer

Bike ComputerAfter spending lots of time trying to calculate my mileage on the bike by guessing and google maps, I finally broke down and bought a bike computer over the past weekend.  I’ve only been out on the bike once since then, so the overall mileage is still low, but it’s gonna creep up quickly.

Hoping to get out on the bike this afternoon and slap another 15-20 miles on it.

6 thoughts on “Bike Computer

  1. That same computer is still on the bike that I crashed. Three years, with no battery change, and it got rained on a lot. That sucker is a trucker. 🙂


  2. I was stunned, when I got my new computer, that it said I’d have to replace the battery every six months? What? They’re $4 a pop, too.

    If you and Matt are free Sunday at 6pm, the memorial for the gentlemen who died this week is going up in Charles North, right off the Jones Falls Trail. We’re meeting at the Watertower in Roland Park and riding down together. You gents should come if you can. There’s parking around the Watertower if you wanna drive up. Hell, I live right here, so I can scope out a spot for ya.


  3. Took me a while to respond about the ride tomorrow, don’t think its going to work out – Since I’m living a bachelor life I’ve been hitting the bike and catching up with some friends over the past few days – I’m gonna need some down time tomorrow before gearing up for the work thing next week.

    Also, I gotta clean the house before my wife and son come home…


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