a phoenix rising from the ashes

In 1992 I bought my first mountain bike.  It was a Bridgestone MB6 and served me well thorughout college and up until 1998, when I bought my Specialized Rock Hopper with a suspension fork.  After that it pretty much started gathering dust.  I’ve kept it all this time because I’m a pack rat.  Over the past few months, I’ve considered doing something with it.

Over the weekend I turned it into a single speed bike.  I ripped off the derailleurs and shifters and had to cut off two chain rings since I don’t own crank pullers.  I shortend the chain and added some slick tires to the bike.  I used the existing rear cog and simply chose a gear that generally felt good to ride in.  Thats about it for now.

I took it on a 10-12 mile ride this morning.  It was a great ride.  Need to get a new saddle for it.  Would like to change out the handle bars as well for some nice bullhorn bars and wrap them in tape instead of having grips.  (This bike has the original grips from 1992 on it still!!!!)

It was great to be tinkering with a bike again and even better to go on a good long ride with it and not have problems.

That was the second ride of the weekend.  Good one, this weekend.

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