update of sorts

A few weeks back I wrote about the weird weather; well it is still weird.  We’ve had low eighties and nights down around 60 in the end of June and the beginning of July.  The humidity has been wonderful…so we headed south for a week toward the end of June to Charleston.  It was hot.  Really hot.  But fun.

TKD and I hit a few of the resturants including Poogans Porch – Low Country fare at its best and a damn good mint julip and the Fat Hen -which is a little more “uptodate” if you will.  Both of them were great.  Poogan’s is a favorite.  There is an amazing “childrens museam” in downtown Charleston – Mr. Grey had a blast there.  He also had a blast at the beach as well as an awesome water park on James Island.

We returned to MD and I worked the week of the fourth – short weeks are good weeks when you’re fresh back from vacation.  The weekend of the 4th was jam packed, including a date night for me and Mrs. TKD.  We hit the dogwood in Hampden.  Wow, that was a great place.  We ate vegitarian and I didn’t even notice.  They also served a nice old fashioned…

This past week was a full week at work – not only in terms of a full 40 hours, but in terms of the work load.  This was actually a good thing since it made the time go by fast.

I’ve also been dabbling with my camera a little more seriously than I’ve done over the past few years.  I’ve pulled off a few good shots and I’m looking into new software for editing and organizing.  So far Lightroom is what I’m most interested in but I don’t know about the cost assocaited with it.  I’m sold, but I’ll have to sell Mrs. TKD…

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