weird weather

I’m not complaining, but it seems awfully strange that it’s June 17th and it’s 65 degrees. I’m diggin’ on the fact that I can wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt or even a sweater in the evening, but this weather feels like Maine, not Maryland.  I worry that this is part of climate change, as was the strange cool weather last summer in July and August

I’m sure the heat and humidity that I’ve known and hated all my life will arrive sometime, and I’m sure I’ll regret this post when it does…

2 thoughts on “weird weather

  1. Yeah, it sort of sucks that global warming can cause regional cooling – that’s mostly due to changes in wind and ocean currents. However, we are in a deep solar minimum right now (less sunlight reaching the Earth than normal – it’s expected to pick up in a year or so) as well as the end of a La Nina. Hopefully that’s what’s causing the cool weather, not climate change…

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