A great night out with Mrs. TKD

Wow, life sometimes gets in the way of this here blog thing…I suppose that’s a good thing in some respects.

About a week ago, Mrs. TKD and I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert.  A lot of folks have scoffed at me for going to see a country act, but to them I say, whatever.  I like a lot of different kinds of music and country happens to be one of them.  Currently, its what I’m listening to most frequently.  This will likely change again, as my musical tastes seem to fluctuate in some sort of cyclical fashion.  (A few months ago I couldn’t get enough of Van Halen 1984 for example.)  But I’m digressing… this is supposed to be a story about going out with TKD.

Kenny Chesney

So we bought lawn seats back in January when the tickets went on sale and it was a sold out show.  Mom gratiously agreed to watch Mr. Grey for us and we headed out the door around 5:30 on Friday night.  It was pure bliss to be alone in the car with my wife.  We made our way to the concert and got ourselves situated on a patch of grass.  I went for drinks.  When I came back we ate the dinner we’d brought — Turkey and salami sandwiches with spinach.  So as we’re sitting there on the lawn, this message pops up on the JumboTron – send KCUPGRADE to some number for a chance for vip tickets.

TKD told me we should do it.  I was like no way, its a scam.  But she persisted and shortly after I sent the text I got one back saying something to the effect of “congrats, you’ve been upgraded, go to the box office and show them this text.”  I still figured it was a scam, but went to the box office.  It wasn’t.  We got fifth row floor seats for free.  We had a great time.

Someone must have known we’d not been out on a date in 6 months.

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