A long road to the garden

It’s been a long road to the garden.  I bought seeds back in March and hoped to get them in the ground by mid-April.  I planned three beds and had bought wood to frame out two.  During that wood purchase, I broke the window of my car, which put an end to the building exercise.

There were a series of setbacks after that including a torn tendon, needing to build the boxes, and getting some soil.  I ordered soil for delivery on May 2nd.  I’d ordered topsoil with the intention of amending it with compost and peat moss.  The dirt delivered was littered with rocks and glass, as well as other construction debris.  As mentioned in a previous post, I had some misgivings about this soil.

After the dirt had been rained on for about a week, it looked even worse.  I fretted about what to do for an entire week, but finally decided that I needed to have a talk with the nursery.  I took a shovel’s worth of the dirt to the nursery and they were SHOCKED.  They apologized and offered to replace it.  Since the first round was so awful, I was a little hesitant. 

They recommended that I use Leafgro instead of topsoil and offered to send me 3 yards for free.  I tried to pay the difference since this product was more expensive, but they wouldn’t take my money.  When it arrived, it looked awesome.  It’s black and loamy.  Fantastic looking soil. 

I filled my beds with it and actually got some plants in the ground yesterday. I’m very excited to see how things progress with the plants over the next few months.

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