Garden Beds

Well, I’ve been a little behind schedule due to my Achilles…but I managed to cobble together my garden beds two weekends ago, and filled them with dirt this past weekend.  I ordered topsoil from a local nursery.  It was anything but TOP.  I was a bit disappointed.  I did some more research and found that I’d probably ordered the wrong thing — should have ordered sifted topsoil.  Even then, sifted topsoil is NOT the high quality dark black garden soil that I was expecting.

Luckily, I’d planned on amending the soil anyway, so this weekend I’ll be mixing in some peat moss and compost from my very own compost pile.  I’ve been working on it all year and even stored compost indoors this winter (much to Mrs. TKD’s chagrin) inside in a 5 gallon bucket.  Once that’s all done, I’ll start planting the various items that I’ve got started in starter pots.  

When I’m done, I’ll have 100 square feet of garden.  Looking forward to it.

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