Weekend Plans

Here’s a list of things to do this weekend:

  1. Pick up starter fertilizer at the hardware store.
  2. Rake the Entire (Okay Half) of the yard, with vigor to get up dead thatch.
  3. Seed the Entire yard.
  4. Fertilize the yard with starter fertilizer.
  5. Purchase new facia board on the car port.
  6. Rip old facia board off car port and install said new facia board.
  7. Purchase Fake Owl to put in yard to keep birds from eating seed.
  8. Fire up the bar-b-que and cook some meat.
  9. Drink a beer.
  10. Take Mr. Grey to an Easter Egg Hunt.
  11. Purchase weed barrier and install on over proposed garden site.
  12. Purchase additional wood and build garden boxes.
  13. Re-build Sandbox for Mr. Grey to play in.
  14. Have fun.
  15. Sleep.

We’ll see how this goes – probably enough for two weekends.

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