On his own

Yup, I’m on my own for a few days.  TKD and Mr. Grey left this morning with Grandpa to head out to visit the extended family in Michigan.  I just don’t have the time to take to do that and go on the other trips that we’re planning for the rest of the year, so I’m staying behind.  Mr. Grey was not happy with me this morning, he knew I wasn’t coming along for the ride.  It kind of sucked.

While TKD and Mr. Grey are out in Michigan, I’ve got a few things planned.  

  1. Help the Schwingman lay reclaimed hardwood floors in his addition.
  2. Purchase lumber to build raised beds for the veggie garden.
  3. Assemble said lumber into boxes for said raised beds.
  4. Catch up with some friends.
  5. Hop on the bike if it’s warm enough (prospects aren’t looking so good at this point).
  6. Sleep in at least one day.  
  7. Work on content for the other blog (which ain’t ready yet but will be a blog for my writing).
  8. Eat good food.
  9. Shave my head.
  10. And if I’m really bored, clean up the office (which was cleaner until Mr. Grey got in here yesterday.)

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