I am so thrilled to see Barak Obama take over the office of the Presidency.  I have been overwhelmed several times listening to him speak over the past few months.  It is absolutely astonishing to me to think that America actually elected him.  I am so thrilled by that.  Perhaps the vast majority of Americans are not as ignorant as I once thought.

There are several themes that have emerged in the Obama Rhetoric that I particularly like:

  • Inclusiveness — Obama seems to genuinely believe that his administration must include all people from all walks of life, regardless of race, creed, sexual preference, abilities, political preference, etc.  This is truly fantastic and inspiring.  I hope his administration is as Inclusive as his rhetoric.
  • Transparency — Obama openly plans to be open with his administration.  Certainly there will be times for state secrets, but I’m hopefull that these times will be real and that Obama will not hide behind “state secrets” or “national security” when he knows his policies will not be popular.
  • Intellect — Obama is an intellectual.  He is smart.  He knows the value of debate and the value of facts.  He has said that Science will once again take its rightful place in decision making.

These themes really excite me.  I am really looking forward to having a leader that is intelligent and thought full.  Nothing good comes from decisions made in ignorance.  I’m hopeful that the decisions of the next four years will be made with a decidedly informed mind.

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