One Year Old

Mr. GreyMr. Grey turns one year old today. It really is difficult to believe. So much has happened over hte past year. He’s almost trippled in size. He walks. He is trying to talk.

I remember when he first smiled at me. It was the most amazing think to see. It’s still amazing. But so many other things are amazing too — like the way he wraps one arm around my neck when I pick him up in the morning…or the way he puts his hand on his head when he’s stressed like I do…or the way he runs to see me at the end of a workday. Or the fact that he says “dah dah” and I know he knows that’s me.

Mr. Grey really is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.  I am so happy to be his father and so thankful that he and I have his wonderful mother, TKD.

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