Christmas PresentChristmas was, as you might expect, much better than I’d played it up in my head.  Mr. Grey was thrilled with his presents and we had a fantastic day with the family in Baltimore.  Mom cooked a gratious meal that included roast beef, ham, potatos, the most amazing glazed carrots I’ve ever had, brussel sprouts and of course gravy.  The gravy was phenominal we added mushrooms to it this year.  Of course I helped get the meal on the table, but Mom did all the work.  

My cousins, Pat and Brendan and my Aunt Debbie came to dinner. It awesome to spend some time with the crew. Our family has gradually shrunk over the years and so it is really nice to spend the holidays with the few folks we have left here in the States. We also talked to my Uncle Arthur in Berlin on the phone. Additionally, my father in law, Dave, was at dinner. Dave loves spending time with my family, which is really cool and we’re glad to have him come to the holidays.

Mr. Grey's CartWe gave Greson a really cool, wooden wagon, that he likes to push around the house.  He got up early, not because he was excited about Christmas, but because he’s still getting up around 6 AM.  I think TKD and I were more excited to give him his gifts than he was to receive them.  Since he doesn’t really understand the whole Idea of gifts, it took him until 11:00 to open most of his gifts — with a lot of help from Mom and Dad.  He still has a few gifts lying under the tree as I write this.

At the end of the day, I’m exhausted. Despite feeling “unspirited” before Christmas, the day was a great day.

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