Christmas Spirit

I have been having a really difficult time getting into the Christmas Spirit this year.  So much seems to be a mess with the worlds.  We have suffered under 8 years of a failed administration.  We have watched the economy tank.  We have wittnessed significant losses of freedoms and civli liberties.  Our government truly cannot be trusted — The Bush Administration has repeatedly proven this.   We are involved in two foreign wars.  It just is not a good time in America — or the world for that matter.  So I guess it is the weight of all this that has made it hard to get excited about Christmas.  

I feel guilty about not being in the Christmas Spirit.  I should be more exited.  I’ve got a good life and a great family.  Have I somehow failed since I am not excited about Christmas?  Shouldn’t the father of a soon to be one yar old be more excited about Christmas…Especially when he’s only got one child who is the most awesome little boy?

Maybe I am being to hard on myself.  Maybe Christmas just isn’t as exciting when you are an adult.

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