My little man snores

Suday afternoon Mr. Grey was playing near the TV cabinet and predictably he hit his head.   There is always a moment of silence as the event registers with him, then wailing.  So I picked him up and got him a binky.  He settled down relatively quickly and I sat down on the couch with him in the crook of my arm.  TKD was sitting on the couch as well and she was watching something about the Queen of England and the rest of the royal family on PBS. 

After a few minutes, TKD said, “he’s snoring.”  Indeed, Mr. Grey was snooring, having fallen dead asleep with his head on my belly.  He’s only 10 months old, but the little dude almost never falls asleep on me anymore.  It was great.  TKD got up and I switched the TV a football game, laid back and let the little dude sleep on my chest.  

I’m gonna miss it when he stops falling asleep at random on me.

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