Small World

I’ve donated to my alma mater every year since I graduated.  I think that’s why they keep calling me.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

“Hi mister DeVille, this is Jennifer and I’m a Penn State Student…”  I’m always friendly, because well, I like Penn State and when you do get a talkative student, sometimes you hear something interesting about the university.

Last night it was Courtney on the phone.  She was cheerful and I was feeling like I could make a donation to the libraries fund.  So she’s confirming my address and she asks, “is that near DC?”  I said, “yes it is, I work in Silver Spring.”  She says that she’d like to move to the city after school and that she grew up in a small town in PA.  I ask her which town.  Gettysburg.

Well, I grew up 7 miles south of Gettysburg in Maryland, so I told her that, and here’s where it got interesting.

She says, “I went to Mother Seton in Emmitsburg”

“So did I,” I say, “and then I went on to Delone.”  

“No way, so did I, and so did my father, he graduated from Delone in 1986.”

“I started at Delone in 1986, I missed going to High School with your father by a year”…

We laughed about it and talked briefly about some big families in the area and it was kind of cool.  So the werid thing is that Penn State has roughly 40,000 undergrads.   Delone graduates about 150 kids a year.  Statistically speaking, I’m thinking its really unlikely that one of the Delone grads would call me.  Mother Seton had about 30 kids per class, so it becomes even more unlikely that a Delone/MSS grad would call me from Penn State.

It really is a small world out there.

2 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I’m the exact opposite in that I’ve never given money get to my college. I can see that the Telefund calls routinely, at all times of night; I had a roommate who used to work for the Telefund, so I know how persistent they can be. Instead of giving money, I’d prefer to give students job opportunities; I rationalize the lack of monetary support by thinking that it’s somehow better. Not sure if that’s true…


  2. I’ve found that if I give them even a small donation, they call less often. My wife’s university calls like 4 times a week, and its really irritating. As for which approach is better, I’d say neither is intrinsically better. If you can give back to your school by helping students with finding work that will give them access to usefull skills, as well as a little cash, I’m thinking that’s a great way to help the school further it’s mission and help some students out in the process.


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