Vacation in Sight

I’ve been needing to take a vacation all summer. Badly. We had planned to go in early August, but those plans never got finalized. I put the stake in the ground for the first two weeks of September. Today, I verbally confirmed a place in Lewes, DE. I’m excited. Almost two full weeks in Lewes. We’ll be rolling up to CT at the end of the second week for TKD’s cousin’s wedding. Should be fun.

Things I plan to do on vacation:

  1. Spend some time on the beach at Henlopen with a surf fishing pole.
  2. Go to the Dogfishead brewery.
  3. Eat a meal or two at Half Full in Lewes.
  4. Take a few naps.
  5. Rid my brain of tcp/ip and bgp for two weeks.
  6. Spend lots of good time with Mr. Grey. I wonder what he’ll think of the beach now.
  7. Find a farmer’s market in Lewes.
  8. Cook some good food for TKD.
  9. Avoid wearing actual shoes (unless its cold).
  10. Avoid wearing socks.

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