Outstanding Weekend

This past weekend rocked. Saturday included a trip to the farmer’s market for some tomatos and some scones – I also came away with some great wax beans – breakfast on the deck on our new table an chairs (yes Home Depot did finally come thorugh) and spending nearly all day Saturday with Mr. Grey, just hanging out in the back yard. He was playing and generally acting like an 8 month old on the blanket with us, which was very entertaining. The weather was unbelievable.

Sunday, we went to the other farmer’s market in Annapolis and got some more good veggies as well as some excellent bread. Mom and Jen came down with the girls. Frank was sick. We had a nice time without him, but I wish he’d been there. I made some phat sandwiches that were grilled on the grill (who needs a panini press?). They had turkey, bacon, sprouts, spinach, provolone, and mayo on them. I grilled them on the grill for about 5 minutes and got some nice char marks on them as well as melted the cheese. They rocked. We ate them with some gaspacho that we made with the veggies that we got at the farmer’s market.

I spent the whole weekend with no watch on. This is very liberating and I suggest you try it.

I also left the windows and sun roof open on the car all weekend, luckilly it was in the carport.

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